UFO Major / Crusty Classic Weekend part 2!!!

On Sunday, the wind was still blowing hard and it was COLD! Jenn and I were freezing with lots of layers on. Jenn didn’t feel all that great and couldn’t finish her rounds, but had a really good toss/fetch with Enzo considering the wind (12 points). The Crusty classic is in memory of Steve “Crusty” Walsh who passed away 9 years ago. It’s also a celebration and show of appreciation to all the disc doggers and their k9 athletes not with us anymore. Since it’s a special occasion and Halloween is coming up, I felt I should do something special. I did – and everybody loved it!!!

For Enzo’s freestyle, we went out as Skeletor and Mr. Bones. I think you’ll like this. I visually lost Enzo on a couple of moves/throws, but it was still worth it! My absolute favorite part is when we’re walking onto the field, Enzo is herding me… SO CUTE!

Tooney and I went out as Hannibal and Officer Tooney. For the first half of the routine, she was on fire. I noticed a lot of blood coming out of her mouth and knew she cut her mouth. This isn’t unusual for her, and I knew she’d be ok to play through it. If she stopped running around or anything, I would have stopped. Unfortunately, she was hesitant when catching discs for a while after that. She didn’t even open her mouth on some of them, but she still did great. She had fun and we looked very cool I must say. The song choice is a classic, so turn it up!

The next round was bullseye, which is a toss and fetch type of event with 2 discs. I always do really well with both Enzo and Tooney, so I was excited about this. It requires a lot of running around for both the dog and handler. Since I’m in good shape, it always works out well for me. I was testing out an idea with Enzo off to the side before my round and OUCH! WTF??? Something popped in my leg, just above my knee. It was horrible pain and couldn’t stand at all. Well, to make a long story short, when I went out with Enzo, I could only barely walk. I usually get 8-9 throws off with him, but I only got 5 off. He caught all 5 for the maximum # of points, so we still had a good round. Because of the wind, most people were getting really low scores, so I think he had one of the best of the day.

When Tooney went, I was feeling somewhat better and I got the usual 8-9 throws off with her. Unfortunately, when I was throwing discs the 1 direction, she kept missing them and she NEVER MISSES! My throws were perfect and she’d tip them. We figured out later it was probably because she was going from a sunny area to shade. Oh well, she still did pretty good by catching about 5 or 6 I think.

Jenn was sick so we had to leave early and we didn’t get to hear the placements. It turns out Enzo ended up in 3rd overall! If I knew that we scored that good in freestyle, I could have pushed myself during our bullseye round and we could have placed higher. It doesn’t really matter, I was just happy to put on a good show.


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