Crazy week of training

The New Year started with my 2nd annual Jam Camp. Every year it’s 2-3 days of training with some of the best frisbee freestylers around. Intended primarily for human freestyle, but it is very helpful for disc doggers. There were loads of world champions and people who invented most of the throws and tricks we use today. Almost as many instructors as students! Some of my favorite instructors are Dave Lewis, Stork, Dave Schiller and Ron Watson.

After that long weekend I was completely worn out, but just a few days later on Wednesday I had my private lesson with Ron Watson. He went over all sorts of different concepts, throws and tricks. It was about 4 hours of instruction.

Then we had a group seminar with Ron Watson the following weekend, which was another 7 hours of instruction. I’m physically and mentally exhausted.

I can’t even say specifically what I’ve learned because it was just an overwhelming amount of information. I will say that it was mostly just rehash of things I already knew or was at least familiar with. It was fun and probably down the road I’ll pull something out that I learned.

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  1. Love that picture with the mountains in the background! Jam camp sounds awesome. Even just to watch all the human FS stuff.

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