Blogging Slacker!

Guess I haven’t been too good about updates here. Enzo’s contacts are still holding up although maybe not quite as fast as I would like so I’m working on speed in practice now. Double Q’s are coming a lot easier now and hopefully we’re catching in the Invitational point standings. He’s earned about 550 points since mid-December. Last weekend we trialed 3 days and Enzo Q’d in 5 out of 6 runs 2nd place to Dash in 4 of the runs and 1st place in one run. He got his 18th and 19th double Q’s on Friday and Saturday. Went for his MACH for the first time last Sunday but he took an off course tunnel. Totally my fault for not decelerating. I ran Tooney after Enzo and at least managed to execute my plan properly for her.

This weekend our trial got rained out. The rain was done by the weekend but the fields were too wet so they wouldn’t let us run on them.

Here’s the videos from last weekend.

Enzo JWW (1/17/10):

Tooney JWW (1/17/10):

Enzo Standard (1/17/10):

Tooney Standard (1/17/10):

Also here’s some videos from New Years weekend that I never posted on here. He was flying in JWW that day and got 1st place.

Enzo Standard (12/31/09):


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  1. I can NOT believe baby Enzo almost has his MACH! That is so exciting! Keep up the great work, I can't wait to hear about him kicking ass at the invitational!

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