MACH Enzo!

Today Enzo got his 20th double Q to finish his MACH! He had an awesome JWW run which he ran in 6.8 yds/s and got 2nd place. The standard course was really tough with two off course tunnel possibilities and then a long run into a tunnel dogwalk discrimination. I overhandled some parts but got through clean. Enzo’s contacts were really nice too. Fast but went to the bottom. Even with the slow table he still got 2nd place. So proud of the little boy and so happy that his contacts are good now.

Here’s the video

Cute that he had no idea what the victory lap was about! We got him a turkey bacon sandwich from Starbucks on the way home and then a mandarin from the tree when we got home. Enzo loves citrus fruit!

Oh and thanks to Jeff for getting up at an ungodly hour to support us and videotape!!


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  1. You two are big PIMPIN'!!!!!!

  2. I'm late, but wanted to add my Congratulations! That's awesome.-Genie & Zeb

  3. late is ok! we haven't even updated our blog since then. i guess we're soaking it up 🙂

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