Enzo battles addiction; frisbee and agility updates

Enzo has an addiction. And we’re not talking about frisbee (more on that later). It’s citrus. Yes, Enzo is addicted to citrus fruit. Enzo is not a ‘food hound’ like our other dogs. He likes treats, steak and chicken but isn’t going bonkers for it. He’s not even going to beg for it. We can be eating steak and Enzo won’t beg for any. The other dogs are practically climbing on top of us trying to get the food. As soon as we start cutting some citrus fruit, he won’t leave us alone. He becomes a shark, too, snapping at the fruit as we try to give it to him. He is one peculiar fella. His favorite? He loves oranges off the tree, but his absolute favorite is pummelos (like a giant grapefruit for those not familiar). He likes everything about them including the nasty white husk material just under the peel.

Now on to Enzo’s 2nd favorite thing – frisbee. We had our first competition last weekend and he did great! He posted the top toss and fetch score of the day, which is so impressive for him since that is his nemesis (sort of like the A-frame for him in agility). There were 60 teams total with 27 in the open division! He ended up placing and earned some UFO points that will go a long way this year. The UFO finals are in San Diego, so Enzo just needs to do his thing to get the points required to qualify. UFO competitions are going to be crazy here in SoCal with the finals being local. Poor Tooney wore her pads down in the competition because it was wet out. It didn’t impact her in the competition and she finished top 10, but she may be out for next weekend 😦

We are going to Vegas for the 3rd straight year next weekend for another UFO competition. Enzo won the competition 2 years ago and Tooney won it last year (behind an insane toss/fetch score).

I’m pretty excited about the frisbee season because I’m in better physical shape than I have been in 2 years. The nerve problem in my arm seems to have mostly healed (after a year and a half!) and I’m able to compete 100%. Last year I had to throw left-handed most of the year for toss/fetch. The only problem with my arm is I can’t practice very much because it starts tingling, burning, etc after too much activity. For a single competition, I can go full out. I can’t do long distance, either. It messes me up bad, so 40-45 yards is all I’m trying to throw right now and I can do that with little irritation. My hip problem (again from almost 2 years ago) isn’t anywhere near 100%, but I can compete and it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as last year. I’m not getting much in the way of the numbness/tingling this year thankfully. It mostly just starts aching a if I do too much. It’s been a long time since it’s been bad enough that it was difficult for me to walk.

For agility Enzo is still in the same mode. AKC, AKC, AKC and then more AKC. When he’s not at an AKC competition, more AKC. He’s still in the top 5 Aussies in the country and needs to stay there for another 3 months and he’ll be invited to the AKC invitationals in Long Beach!

Report Date: 03/11/2010

December 2010 AKC Agility Invitational
for Australian Shepherds
Qualifying Period Starting July 01, 2009 and ending June 30, 2010

Events Processed Through Friday, February 26, 2010

Rank Name Class Formula Value
1 MACH3 Barjh Batteries Not Included REG 3,351
2 MACH2 Gulfstream’s Tnt-Take No Tail MXF REG 2,368
3 NAC MACH13 Blue Moon Shine On Willow MXF TQX REG 1,988
4 MACH6 Los Suenos Gravity Games MXF REG 1,961
5 MACH Windsor’s Enzo Ferrari OF REG 1,956
6 MACH2 Toprock’s La Femme Ewe-Nika REG 1,617
7 MACH7 Roanoak Reinflame Red Hot Chai MXF TQX REG 1,382
8 MACH6 Add It Up OF REG 1,365
9 MACH Kandlelite’s Icyhot CD RE MXF REG 1,322
10 MACH2 Katch 22 Animation XF REG 1,310
11 Hardins Dust Up Rinse Repeat MX MXJ XF REG 1,118
12 Granite’s Fly Like The Wind VCD2 RA TDX MX MXJ MXF REG 1,020
13 MACH8 Imagineer’s Rely On Me REG 988
14 MACH2 Windy Farms Shoo Fly RE NJP OF REG 908
15 Old Oaks Katie Bar The Door VCD1 MX MXJ XF REG 898
16 MACH5 Schiml’s Denim Blue Dylin OF REG 887
17 MACH11 Whimsical Whirlwind Marni XF REG 868
18 MACH3 Old Oaks Capt Rocky Yr Socks CD XF REG 850
19 MACH Catalina Pitsch Black Knight NF REG 815
20 MACH3 Renfield Rave-On MXF REG 799
21 MACH Sunnybrook Hang Ten REG 798
22 MACH Fly Away’s Call The Ball XF REG 788
23 MACH2 Aussie CDX XF REG 756
24 MACH3 Staarry Heavens To Bessie UDX RAE MXF REG 745
25 MACH Simply Sydney XF REG 731


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  1. That is really interesting that he is sooo into citrus! Thank goodness you guys are in Cali now and not back in the northeast! Congrats on having 2 aussies in the top 10 in AKC! 🙂

  2. Congrats Jen! Enzo isn't the only citris nut. Mayday is not huge on toys, but roll a clementine orange and she's ALL over it. It is the only thing she will retrieve over and over. She then takes it off and sucks the juice through her teeth holes and give it back to me… as if I could fill it again, sigh.Kat Lemar

  3. The citrus thing is interesting! Hey Jeff – you guys going to CO this year since you are trying to get UFO points? We'll definitely be there this year, would be fun to see you all.

  4. it is unlikely we will be going to colorado, but we will review things after we have our major. by then we will have 2 locals + 1 major in the books. if i am in danger of not getting the 85 points, i will consider it. we would still have 1 more local + the major before the ufo finals. all i want is enough points to make it into the ufo finals, i don't care about overall placement.

  5. Mayday sounds like a citrus vampire! lol. Never though of playing fetch with a tangerine. we have a treeful of the ones that have tons of seeds right now. I don't really like to eat them because of the seeds but maybe they'll make good toys. lol. Good to hear from you Kat from MI!

  6. I've been following your blog for a few years now! Really enjoy the updates and video clips. Vampire kinda describes Mad Mayday pretty good. Fun police is another. Not at all like my young Pyr Shep. Party Dude is more his style. I'm kinda starting him in agility but need to work out a bunch of issues first. New dog = new stuff to work on.Keep the updates coming! I live for them!Kat Lemar … still in Michigan :o)

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