UFO Vegas update and another double q

Saturday was the 3rd annual UFO in Las Vegas. Enzo won the event 2 years ago and Tooney won the event last year. This year there were more people from SoCal at the event hoping to earn some points for the UFO finals in San Diego. We left Saturday morning, drove 4 hours, competed, then drove back so Jenn can compete in agility Sunday. There is 1 word to sum up this event, W-I-N-D-Y. They nearly called the event half way through as everything seemed to be blowing away. When we were leaving the event, the weather report said it was currently steady wind at 33mph. Where we were was very exposed and I would expect it was actually windier where we were. Onto the results…

The freestyle scores were all pretty low and there was little variation in scores from top to bottom due to the wind. Everybody struggled. Enzo (as a pimp) and I (as a wanna-be gangsta) went out and put on a good freestyle routine to “Pretty Fly for a White Guy”. The costume/theme went over really well and people seemed to get a kick out of it. I plan to do this theme more throughout the year, including next week at the AWI qualifier. Enzo ended up having the 2nd best t/f score and got 2nd overall in the open division and earned more UFO points! Tooney did GREAT in freestyle despite having her little tootsies wrapped up to protect her pads. She posted a goose egg in toss/fetch, but I can’t blame her. Out of the 18 teams in open, only 4 got points in t/f! 1 team got 3 catches, Enzo got 2 catches and 2 other teams got 1 catch each. I think Enzo is the current leader in the UFO standings. That won’t last long, but take it when you can get it!

I doubled as a judged as I have done at every Vegas competition the past 3 years. The way it worked was that I judged everybody else but myself in the “sequences and flow” category. When I went up to compete, another person judged me in that category and used the scores I gave to other people as a reference to score me. He was able to compare how I perfomed to how others performed and was able to pick a fair score for me.

Next week is AWI qualifiers, so I look forward to that! Then we’re off to Oklahoma for AKC nationals!

Jenn went to an AKC trial on Sunday and got a double Q with Enzo. He got 1st place in both runs. Tooney got a Q in jumpers.

(Jenn typing here) Enzo was smoking in standard, just really driving over his contacts while still collecting to hit them. He had a pretty good time even though his table was slow, probably 4-5 seconds before he sat. His JWW run was nice and smooth. The JWW run had a tough pull to the weaves and then you needed to rear cross to get to the other side because it was a sharp 180 turn to the next jump. Both Tooney and Enzo did this really well. I don’t rear cross the weaves much especially when it’s that severe so I’m glad they didn’t hesitate. Tooney’s JWW run was maybe a little slow for her but she was paying attention really well. In Standard, she was faster but we got a two off courses. The one part I probably should have planned something different for her than for Enzo. The other part I ended up doing differently when I ran Enzo. She hit her running dogwalk though which is most important for her at this point right before nationals. I feel pretty good about our preparedness for nationals right now. We’re ready!!


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  1. That's awesome guys on both counts! I think the whole country must have been windy – we about got blown away at our agility trial this weekend!Good luck at the AWI qualifier and AKC Nationals!!

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