Enzo world championship qualified, Tooney almost!

This weekend we had our AWI (Ashley Whippet Invitation) qualifier. People from California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Washington and New York came. We also had appearances from Indiana’s Tony Hoard and Rory (from America’s Got Talent) and Alex Stein (one of the founders of disc doggin’). The event consisted of 1 round of freestyle and 1 round of toss/fetch. They combine those scores and take the top 15 to perform a 2nd round of frestyle. The top 5 get an invitation to the World Championships in Chicago. With over 40 entries, making the cut would be hard enough, let alone the top 5.

Enzo and I went out and performed our freestyle as a gangsta and pimp. I wore a flat-billed hat, baggy shorts and a giant frisbee-clock hanging from my neck (Flava Flav style). The clock was Jenn’s idea – thanks home girl! Enzo wore his pimp costume that my mom made! The routine was solid and went over well with the crowd. I got a lot of good feedback on the theme. I am super happy with our routine for 2010. Flow is great and Enzo has incredible athleticism. I also have some throws that are quite difficult and impressive looking. Here’s Enzo’s first round:

Now for the big decision… are we going to Chicago? You betcha! It’s not a final decision, but Jenn and I are confident that we will go. We have made a decision that if we travel far for a disc dog competition this year, it will be Chicago for the AWI finals!

I really wish I would have started Tooney in frisbee earlier. She could have accomplished great things early on. It is my fault and a silly mistake. I never had any faith she could do it and felt she didn’t have the athleticism, focus or drive for it. As it turns out, these characteristics that make her great at frisbee. I was completely wrong and I will always regret it. Jenn and I are going to enjoy little Fluffasaurus and her awesome frisbee skills as long as possible and have decided we will definitely not be getting a new puppy until Tooney has decided she’s had enough of frisbee, giving her the full dedication and attention she deserves! Based on her current performance, we think that won’t be for a long time!!!


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  1. LOL ok first of all, I love the clock idea! That was hilarious. Jeff your dish-spin-pop move!!! Can you explain what you are doing? Or have Jenn shoot some video of it. I really like it. Anyway huge congrats and we'll see ya'll Labor Day Weekend! 🙂

  2. I'm right handed and I hold the bottom disc in my left hand and spin the other disc with my right hand (ie, the normal way), then I throw the bottom disc out causing the top disc to pop up. If you throw the bottom disc horizontally (and fast), the top disc hits the edge of the bottom disc and pops up in the air. It originally started out as just throwing the disc to the side then I turned it into a flip. I've messed with other variations, but that is the latest.

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