skyhoundz local, ufo videos

We had a Skyhoundz local Saturday. I went out first with Enzo and had a decent round of freestyle. More drops than I would expect but he was in the air on everything. Tooney’s round of freestyle was probably her best yet (I keep saying this, I know). She had a drop in the middle of the routine. Little would I know, that would turn out to be the ONLY drop the entire day!!!! Wow!!!! 1-drop routine! About 94% catch ratio. She beat Enzo in freestyle for I think only the 2nd time ever. I don’t think Enzo was upset – he said “sometimes the sun even shines on a dog’s ass” (white men can’t jump reference).

For toss/fetch, I knew Enzo had some ground to make up and he put up a great score of 16 points. 2nd best of the day. 2nd best to… you guessed it, Tooney! She scored a 17. Jenn got me back in shape after she told me I lost my magic with Tooney on toss/fetch and I think we rebounded well today. Enzo missed 1 disc, Tooney didn’t miss any. This is the first time she beat Enzo in toss/fetch this year for me.

At the end of the day, Enzo ended up 3rd overall and Tooney ended up 2nd! Having 2 in the top 3 was pretty exciting.

Jenn competed with both dogs in toss/fetch and got 2nd place with Tooney. She was perfect in both rounds! Tooney had 1 disc that landed on her back and she turned and grabbed it before it hit the ground. Really funny stuff. Tooney made it look like it was just business as usual.

I was also part of a parody routine. Kirby did a parody of several competitors and I was one of them. She did a good job and I felt famous for about 30 seconds.

Here’s videos from the UFO major a few weeks ago:

Enzo round 1

Enzo round 2



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