5 Day Super Agility/Disc Dog Fun Day Weekend Extravaganza

Jenn has given up on blogging and all social avenues for communication to the masses. It’s up to me to try making updates.

It was 5 days of crazy fun this weekend! Jenn competed Thursday, Friday and Monday with both dogs in agility. Sunday she competed just with Enzo. They got some Q’s. Enzo is still in top 5 for AKC invitationals. I can’t remember any other details.

Saturday we had the Skyhoundz southwest regional disc dog qualifier. They take the top 6 out of about 40 teams to the 2nd round. Enzo made the cut and finished 4th place overall after his 2nd round (was tied for 3rd, but lost tie breaker). I am a complete idiot, though. I threw 1 disc out of the end of the field for toss/fetch with Enzo. He made a beautiful leaping catch at something over 50 yards. Normally that would have been worth 5.5 points, but instead the score was 0 since it was out of bounds! That was the difference in 2nd place with a world championship qualifier and 4th place with no qualification. Tooney did great with only 2 drops, but had a very low score overall because the judges didn’t like her I guess.

Sunday was a lot of fun at the DiscDogathon. We had spot landing, distance/accuracy, bullseye and time trial competitions. Enzo was doing agility earlier in the day and was late to the event. We snuck him in and did his rounds. He didn’t do so great, partly because he was rushed in, partly because he was completely insane and was just missing discs for no real reason. He didn’t win any of the events. Tooney, though, was a little pimptress. I was horrible in the spot landing and she didn’t get many points. We had a drop in the time trial so we didn’t do good there. She won the distance / accuracy portion and she was tied for 1st place in the bullseye and got 2nd place after losing the tie-breaker. She also got 2nd place in the overall combined scores. I think there were 74 teams competing, so that was awesome!

Last year I was disappointed because Tooney got a bee sting in the 1st round at the DiscDogathon. I felt if she didn’t get stung, she would have had a chance to win the whole thing or at least do pretty well. Looks like I was spot on because she did great this year with no bee stings. She rocked it all day and had a lot of fun.

If I throw a disc over 20 yards, Tooney generally won’t miss. If she catches up to the disc and gets her mouth on it, she’s probably 99% catch rate. She didn’t miss a single disc that she came in contact with during this competition. She can miss short throws and I can outthrow her if I’m not careful, but that’s about it. Any other crap I throw she catches ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. Just wasn't your weekend for tie-breakers huh? Bummer. Skyhoundz Worlds is SO fun you guys need to come out one year. This year you probably wouldn't have anyway with AWI and all right? So maybe it worked out. Too funny about Jenn, so true… she's busy Q'ing and pointing and doesn't have time for blogging. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. I usually don't win tie breakers. We rarely have a throw-off for them so usually it's just whatever they pick as a tie breaker, sometimes it's not even clear what they picked. I am honestly not a very big fan of Skyhoundz. I think they have a pretty poor format for their freestyle, so I am not sure when or if we'll ever go out to the finals. Maybe some day, but I think it's pretty low on our priorities.

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