Running Dogwalk from this week

I was sick with a cold this week so didn’t really feel like posting our practice sessions so I’m putting them all in this post.

Our first practice session this week, I was feeling like crap but didn’t want to slack off too much so I went out and did a quick session with Enzo. He was doing great without the box again but I wanted to work turns and though the box would help. Unfortunately he completely forgot the box and acted like it was on fire! I was too tired to work through it so let it go.

My instructor, Stephanie suggested trying to use just a bar and see if I can teach him that he just needs to step over the bar. I might try that tommorrow.


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  1. Looks good! I like Stephanie's idea, I think I'm going to do something similar with Kate's frame, using a clear plastic strip or something.

  2. what do you think you'll use for a clear plastic strip? I was thinking of making a box out of 1/2" pvc but open to any other ides!

  3. I am planning to wander around Home Depot on my lunch break, I'll let you know! Maybe those clear wall corner strip thingys?

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