So we got to test out Enzo’s new running contacts this past weekend. Saturday he did great on both the aframe and the dogwalk but had some issues with the obstacle after the contacts. He went over an off course jump after the aframe and fell of the table after the dogwalk. I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera on Saturday so I didn’t get video of that run (oops). His dogwalk was really solid and all 4 feet deep in the yellow!

I did get video of Sunday’s run. He went over an off course jump right in the opening unfortunately. His aframe was great and his dogwalk was no so good but he didn’t get called. It looks like he collected his stride a bit so didn’t make it down far enough. I decided to test his table a bit and of course yes there is a reason why I normally don’t move a muscle when he’s on the table!

Oh and he had great JWW runs both days and placed 2nd both days.


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