Maybe it’s time for an agility post.

I haven’t been much in the mood for writing lately but we have been doing quite a bit of AKC agility. Slayte started getting really bad with lead outs so last weekend I pulled him in T2B and then in JWW too. I think he actually learned that I was only pulling him from the first run of the day. After two runs in a row where he didn’t get to play, his lead outs have been pretty solid since then. Last weekend, Enzo got a double Q with two first places, his third for qualifying for AKC Nationals so he just needs one more. Slayte also got his first Q since his dental surgery. He’s been a little wild since then. He had a couple weeks off after getting a root canal on a broken canine and titanium crowns on all of his canines. He goes crazy and bites his crate when when we run the other dogs so they were all damaged.


Here is his Masters Standard run from last weekend where he got 4th place.

Saturday was a little bit frustrating since I couldn’t get the power side doors open on the van. They latches were frozen! I wasted about 20 minutes on them so ended up getting to the trial later than I wanted too. I ended up not getting any Q’s on either dog. Not really surprising. Today Jeff decided to come with me and do kennel help stuff so that was really awesome. I ended up getting a Standard Q with Enzo and a double Q with Slayte. Enzo’s JWW run was a little wild and he ended up getting a bar.

His standard run was pretty good other than me getting too far behind on the dogwalk. I went too deep to the tunnel and got stuck in soft dirt. It is actually really good for Enzo not to just run straight ahead. He ended up with 2nd place.

Slayte had a pretty fast JWW run even with a spin. We were lucky we didn’t get a refusal. I just don’t do enough landing side rear crosses but I wasn’t sure he would carry out far enough. He was only .06 sec behind Enzo’s time and got 3rd place in 20″!

Standard was also clean but no placement. I think we wasted some time on the line from the aframe to the tunnel. I have to drive forward on the aframe right now to help him hit his running contact so that messed up my line. He also self released off the table but other than that he was a good boy.

We are planning on going to the USASA Nationals at Purina Farms this year so that should be fun! Possibly also going to FL after that for an UFO Major and AWI Qualifier.


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