Exciting disc dog weekend in Vegas

Enzo and I have been invited to the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge again for the 2013 Western Regional in Las Vegas!  It is a special feeling to be considered for this and we will do our best!

We head to Las Vegas for a extravaganza of disc doggin’ with Skyhoundz and UFO events along with the Purina IDC.  As usual, I have only one expectation.  To have a blast.  Being in Vegas, I can promise that will happen!  I will say that Enzo has been at the top of his physical, mental and performing peak for the past year or more and our last several practice sessions have been exceptional.  Enzo will have a full week off from disc practice before going to Vegas.

I don’t want to leave out the other stars.  Tooney is 10 years old and still able to play like a champ.  She will compete as long as she enjoys it.  Slayte is coming along fine and I see him becoming a top team this year because his potential is huge.  Muse is only 6 months old right now and blows my mind every day with how good she is.  At that age, catching discs should be challenging and she’s doing it consistently.  At a clinic, she performed 2 rounds of toss/fetch and managed to catch all 11 out of 11 throws!


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