2013 Disc Dog Season Goals

The 2013 disc dog season already started for us with an invitation to the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge in Las Vegas.  Enzo had a great round of freestyle!

Here are the goals for the 2013 season:

Goals for Myself

* Master the forehand throw to a point where it is nearly as reliable as my backhand, especially in wind. A change in grip may be in order.

* Develop another difficult move / throw such as a type of back roll, kick or something similar.

* Ability to throw consistently over 65 yards.

Goals for Tooney

What can I say about Tooney.  She’s going to turn 11 this season and as long as she’s having a good time, that’s all that matters.

* My goal is for her to be able to compete the whole year or at least most of the year.

Goals for Enzo

Enzo is officially no longer the focus of my disc dog training and planning for competition, traveling, etc.  He has accomplished so much for me that it is all just bonus from this point forward.

* My only goal for Enzo is to remain healthy so that he can have a long career.

Goals for Slayte

Slayte is a huge challenge for me.  In practice he is the model disc dog.  He’s fast, jumps high and catches almost everything.  At competition, he becomes distracted, withdrawn and sometimes seems sad.

* Unlike last year when I had big plans for Slayte, this year I have one simple goal.  By the end of the year, Slayte is putting 100% effort at competitions.

Goals for Muse

Muse is a special puppy.  Right now she’s 7 months old and has all the natural abilities to make a good disc dog: strong play drive, good focus, off the charts prey drive and awesome tracking ability.  This little girl has the potential to do some very, very special things in the disc dog world.  It is hard to contain my excitement!

* She has shown some distractibility in public.  By the end of the season, reduce the distraction level to near zero.

* Get 5 throws at 30+ yards in a 1 minute toss and fetch round by the end of the season (even if not recorded at a competition).

* Score 17+ in a toss and fetch round.

* Develop a full 2 minute freestyle routine.

* In competition, have an 85% catch ratio freestyle round. Honestly I don’t think this is realistic to expect for a young puppy, but it makes for a nice challenge for me to be able to throw discs good enough for her to catch that successfully!

* Develop the ability to catch highly complex and difficult throws that the other dogs are unable to catch.  I think she has the ability to do it.  My goal is to put 5 of these throws into her routine.

* Consistently catch butterfly throws.  Currently she is 50% at best.  90% is the target.

* Place top 3 at a local competition or top 5 at a major.  Again, this is unrealistic but makes for a fun goal.  Her best shot is at a Skyhoundz event.


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