First SoCal disc dog competition of 2013

We had a UFO local in Norco. The weather was perfect and the competition ran smoothly. It was really a special time for my group of rabid disc doggies. All four of them got to play and a bit of history was made!

Tooney had a perfect round of freestyle! It was something I always wanted to achieve with each dog. I never expected it to happen at her current age of 10.5, but I am so happy she did it! Interestingly enough, Enzo had a perfect round on the same field last year. Here is her round:

Slayte has been very distracted at disc dog competitions. We’ve tried all sorts of different ideas of how to handle it with little success. We noticed that he tends to be distracted in freestyle with long throws. We decided I would simply keep most of the throws very short and throw a few longer ones at the end. This was our first attempt at it and he did really well with the new idea! I really think this will work in the long run. He did great in toss and fetch (got 5 throws off!) and the result was that he placed higher than Enzo in a freestyle competition for the first time ever! Slayte also played with Jenn and got 3rd place in intermediate with her!

Muse was a huge surprise. She’s only 7 months old, but showed a ton of maturity. In her first round with me, she was spectacular. As the day went on, she got a bit tired and the wind picked up so she had some minor struggles in the other rounds, but it was still impressive!

Not to gloss over it, but Enzo also did really well, especially in his toss/fetch round. He’s had countless great competitions, so it’s time to give the others more face time. I am so elated with how the dogs performed and so lucky to be able to compete with all of them.

Muse is going to likely debut her freestyle at competition in a couple of weeks at our UFO major. I wasn’t planning to do it so early with her, but she’s doing so well that I think it’s time to do it! She isn’t doing any tricks at all, but already can do a nice, smooth and consistent round of freestyle. I don’t have any real sequences yet but I am able to “freestyle” it pretty well with her. She’s easy to work with.


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