2013 SoCal Disc Dog Challenge (UFO Major)

This past weekend we had our UFO major. It always has a solid turnout and this year was no different. For the first time I did freestyle with 4 dogs! It was SUPER COOL! I was totally exhausted at the end of the day, but I loved it.

During Tooney’s freestyle routine, the timer malfunctioned and we ended up going 34 seconds past the normal 2 minutes before I stopped the routine and walked over to the judges to tell them the timer didn’t work. She ended up with a good score, but at 10.5 years old, I wish it would have happened to one of the younger dogs instead!

Muse had her freestyle debut! It was awesome and I’m super proud of her. I think she had only 2 misses and she’s only 8 months old!!!

Slayte had his best outing yet! He was totally focused and had loads of fun. Jenn got 2nd in intermediate toss/fetch with him! Super proud of this one, too! Here’s his freestyle round:

Last, but not least, Enzo was awesome! His first round of freestyle was really good and his second round during heavier wind was outstanding. He finished 2nd in freestyle and 2nd overall! We didn’t record his second round (DOH!), but here’s his first round. This video has also been featured on the UFO site.

Our good friend Ellie, in just her second year of competing, placed 5th in the open toss/fetch division which is pretty exceptional considering the quality of teams at the competition! Proud!!!

We are gearing up for a big two week trip taking us through Missouri, Georgia and Florida to do some agility and disc competitions and visit family. It’s going to be our big trip for the year and will cover around 6000 miles in the motorhome!


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