2015 Skyhoundz World Finals

Tuesday was the discdogathon qualifier, Key picked up a spot in freestyle and bullseye. Muse got a pairs D/A spot with Kirby and I. At the finals on Wednesday, both Key and Muse did a nice job but a missed throw here and there kept us off the podium.

The weekend was the main event and the weather was terrible with rain, mud and cold. Friday was the last chance qualifier where Muse won the Sport Division (distance / accuracy) with Kirby while setting records for single round and two round scores. We also won the pairs freestyle division with Muse. Key tried to qualify but missed a lot of throws. She is jumping all over the place, but unfortunately not at an actual thrown disc usually.

On Saturday, Muse had a solid D/A round and a second round of freestyle with no drops. It put us into the top 10. We could have done much better so it’s a bit of a disappointment.

Sunday was the pairs freestyle and D/A finals. Kirby won D/A with Muse, setting the three round total score record in the process. We both played with Muse in D/A and I scratched her after Kirby had a higher score from the first round. Kirby has great chemistry with Muse and it’s pretty awesome they were able to accomplish what they did. I’m so happy for them both!

After our first round of pairs freestyle, we were tied for 2nd place. With all the mud, Muse wasn’t trying to catch some of the throws. Very unusual for her, but I could tell she was a bit off. For the second round, we decided to move a bit to the side where the ground wasn’t as muddy. It resulted in a great round where we moved ahead for the win.

Muse won two of the three main championship titles up for grabs this weekend. She’s an amazing talent and I’m as lucky to have her.


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