2015 Disc Dog Season Summary

The 2015 disc dog season was awesome for us.  More traveling, more winning and more fun than ever before.  Muse won the Skyhoundz pairs freestyle and sport (distance / accuracy) division World Championships.  She also placed 3rd in the UFO World Cup standings and 3rd in the freestyle World Championship.  Lastly she won both the California State Championship and D2iSC Club Championship.  These are both repeat wins for her.

Enzo’s eye sight has gone into the toilet.  He’s fine for every day activities but for disc and agility, he can’t see well enough to compete.  He’s now retired in both.  He will be 10 in the spring and other than his eyes, is perfect physically.  He enjoys his retirement by swimming almost every day while chasing a disc!

Key qualified for both the UFO and AWI finals, which is amazing for a young dog.  This off season is going to be focused on her improvement.  I stopped teaching my disc dog class to allow more time to focus on her.  It has made a huge difference.  Her freestyle is going to be top notch, possibly as good as Muse when the season starts – maybe even better.  She’s doing that good.  I never had a routine with her and never had enough time to really dedicate to her.  It wasn’t fair for her.  I fixed that and her improvement is amazing.  She has a close routine with a lot of tricks.  It’s the opposite type of routine that I have with Muse.  Her toss and fetch is terrible right now because she is really bad at catching at long distances.  I am working on it almost every day but I am not seeing any improvement.  I can’t wait to see the new and improved KK on the field.

Jenn has given up on this blog.  She basically just plays a dragon game about 20 hours a day so don’t expect to hear much from her in the future.


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