2016 Disc Dog Summary

I haven’t done a blog post in over a year.  It’s about time.  First I will look ahead to 2017 briefly.  My elbow nerve problem is stable right now (has been screwed up since early 2009).  I am excited in that I believe I will probably be better throwing this year than I ever have in the past because I am able to practice regularly and my elbow doesn’t act up.  Muse is in top form and looks the best she ever has.  She’s only 4 years old, so she still has a few years before she reaches her peak.  Slayte (just turned 6) is competing again in freestyle and is showing me he may be able to compete with Muse as my top dog.  Key has a lot of catching problems but her drive is pretty high for playing now.  If I can get her to just calm down a little bit, she’ll be a much better dog.  She managed to have a 40+ 2-round D/A score at the Skyhoundz finals weekend, so there’s hope.  Most rounds have more misses than catches.  We work on it every day with catching drills.  Enzo is still playing even though he can’t hardly see the disc anymore.

2016 Season: Muse had a solid year as usual.  She won the Skyhoundz Pairs D/A World Championship, California State Championship (for the 3rd time), D2iSC Club Championship (for the 3rd time) and the Western Regional Incredible Dog Challenge (video below).  Slayte, Key and even half-blind Enzo won various competitions throughout the year.


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